DarkComet RAT 远程控制

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DarkComet RAT是国外的一款远程控制软件,它完全免费,功能包含键盘记录、视频监控、系统控制等等之前在国内应该不少安全爱好者在使用了,本次DarkComet RAT发布了最终版本(5.3.1)并且修复了一系列BUG,以及新增了一些功能。5.3.1版本相对比较稳定。 clip_image001
以下为5.3.1的更新内容:New action added in FTP Client, you can copy to clipboard the link of a file (useful for file downloader (URL))
A very huge bug was fixed for stub startup, now it works fine
A bug fix when using user list thumbnails
[FIX ] HTTP Flood more efficient
[FIX ] In settings the last theme is correctly set in the combobox
[FIX ] Auto SIN Refresh ratio successfully saved in config.ini
[GUI ] Client Settings GUI changed, it is now more user friendly and fit with the rest of DarkComet RAT Design
[GUI ] EULA At startup is more beautiful
[GUI ] No IP Gui revised
[GUI ] User group Gui revised
[FUNC] Search for update added in settings
[GUI ] Keylogger GUI revised
[FIX ] Now desktop correctly save snapshots (if option enabled)
[DEL ] Delete in full editor (read only, archived, tempory) attributes to avoid some stub problems if used
[FIX ] Users list flags support now Serbia Country (Republic of Serbia)
[FIX ] VIP Lounge price and URL fixed
[FUNC] HOT, Now you can chose wich functions you need in the control center, and not be bloated with functions you might never used. (In settings window)
[FIX ] FTP Upload Keylogger Logs bug fixed
[FUNC] FTP Wallet added in settings, it allow you to setup and test your FTP accounts for compatible DarkComet RAT FTP Functions
[FUNC] FTP Wallet is now linked to the Edit Server keylogger FTP Managment
[FUNC] Now you can upload files from file manager to one of your FTP account (compatible with the FTP wallet)
[FUNC] Embedded FTP Client added to DarkComet, multithread using Pure API, very fast and reliable and of course user friendly.
[FIX ] Bug fixed when module startup enable, no more tons of process on reboot etc.. support Drag n Drop
[FUNC] Drag And Drop added in File Manager to upload files frop explorer directly to remote computer
[FUNC] New downloader method implemented using Pure low level API’s instead of the shit URLDownloadUrlToFile bloated of crap
[FUNC] File Downloader manager from control center been improved and bug fixed, now file are correctly downloaded, also you can chose a PATH from combobox shortcut
[FUNC] Mass downloader from user list been improved and multithreaded, also download bug is now fixed
[FUNC] Same as for mass downloader, update from URL bug fixed and improved声明: 本文采用BY-NC-SA协议进行授权. 转载请注明转自: FreebuF.COM

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